The beautiful aspect of martial arts is that they are challenging in a fun way. Kids and adults will be presented with challenges throughout their training that encourages them to develop important life skills such as problem solving, focus, goal setting and concentration.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is the art of the Gracie family. Owing its roots to Judo, the Gracie family has made it their own and popularized it around the world. Come experience one of the most effective martial arts where the biggest determination of what you can do is your dedication to time on the mats. A great way to lose weight and gain confidence. Our head instructor is a well rounded competitor in the martial art and a world class teacher.

Muay Thai also known as the art of eight limbs is a fantastic striking art from Thailand. Our classes are fun and welcoming and will teach you the principles of timing, range, coordination and advanced concepts and conditioning. Our head Instructor is a well rounded trainer who has a foundation in old school Karate and a long history with Muay Thai.

Our programs are broken down to

Tiny Champions 3 to 4
Future Champions 5 to 9
Teens 10 to 16
Adults 16 and up
Women's only programs

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